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A positive way to learn, grow, and share as a group.

The Glen Valley Association is a not-for-profit youth organization to strengthen and enhance children’s knowledge regarding horses through a variety of activities.  It is applicable to all skill levels.


Meetings are once a month (Sundays) between 4-6pm in the Glen Valley lounge


Parades, winter hayrides, theatricals, Little Farmer, tubing, arts and crafts, schooling horse shows, horse camps


Fundraising efforts lead to fun events and activities investing in its members


An annual family membership is $25.00

To join contact the GV Assoc Leader below:

Sheilagh Eckstein 920-279-0855

Our Show Kids in Action

We have a great team of show kids that work hard at helping each other at home and on-the-road.

Contact us for more details